Last week, I had the honor of presenting for the U.S. Coast Guard’s Wellness Wednesday — an initiative that’s as much about safeguarding the minds and hearts of those who serve and protect us as it is about their physical well-being.

The focus of our discussion was ‘Healthy Communication,’ a cornerstone in the architecture of any thriving team, though what made the conversation truly stand out was our exploration of how “Gaining New Perspective” can have a profound impact on recognizing the humanity in others.

I used an interactive Menti presentation, which revealed some interesting insights.

First, we’re all human and sometimes have to make hard decisions we don’t like to make.

Second, everyone knows what a real hero looks like.

Third, you can’t win ’em all. Not everyone was able to vote, but I’ll take a 98% success rate of folks finding our time together worthwhile!

Grateful for the chance to engage with these heroes on such a crucial topic. It’s through understanding we find unity.

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